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Frequently Asked Questions

Assessment Process

Candidate wants to connect with a human for help during interview

During the interview process with HRGPT, the focus is on providing a self-service experience where candidates can navigate the interview independently. However, we understand that there may be instances where candidates require additional help or clarification. If a candidate needs assistance or has specific questions during the interview, they can simply notify HRGPT by typing a specific command or keyword, and our support team will be alerted to provide prompt assistance. Our team is trained to address any queries, provide clarification, or offer guidance within the scope of the interview process.

Candidate asks for the question to be repeated

HYRGPT readily repeats questions upon the candidate's request. Candidates can simply ask for the question to be repeated, and the system will provide the question again to ensure clarity and understanding.

Candidate requests feedback or assessment of their answers

HYRGPT is configured to provide immediate feedback to the candidate based on their performance during the interview. Administrators will have to enable the feedback functionality from the job settings. Administrators may also choose to review conversation logs and edit feedback before it is sent to the candidate.

Candidate requests to skip a question or move to the next one

HYRGPT allows candidates to request skipping a question or moving to the next one. However, it's important to note that recruiters may set certain questions as mandatory. Skipping questions may affect the overall evaluation and completeness of the interview.

Candidate provides an answer in a different language

HYRGPT intends to offer multilingual interviewing capabilities. However at this point in time, it is trained to conduct interviews in English language. If a candidate provides an answer in a different language, the system may understand and process it. Hence, it's important to ensure that the interview language is correctly communicated to the candidate to ensure accurate evaluation.

How can a candidate edit his previous response?

At present, HRGPT's chat-based interview platform doesn't offer the capability for candidates to directly edit their previous responses. However, we understand that candidates may want to make changes or corrections after submitting their initial response. Rest assured, we are continuously working to enhance our platform and provide additional features to improve the user experience. In the future, as we expand our capabilities, we are actively exploring options to allow candidates to review and modify their previous responses within a reasonable timeframe. We aim to provide a more flexible and user-friendly interface that enables candidates to make necessary adjustments to their answers if needed.

Candidate leaves the interview abruptly

HYRGPT is designed to handle such situations. If a candidate leaves the interview abruptly, the system will automatically save their progress. Recruiters can review the completed part of the interview and make a decision based on the available information.


Candidate provides a response that contradicts previous answers

HYRGPT considers the entirety of a candidate's interview performance, including previous answers. If a candidate provides a response that contradicts their earlier answers, the system will evaluate the consistency and relevance of their overall responses.

Candidate provides a response with personal bias or opinion

HYRGPT evaluates candidate responses based on the provided information and relevance to the question. Personal bias or opinion can be considered as long as it aligns with the context of the question. Recruiters can assess the candidate's ability to support their opinions with logical reasoning and relevant information.

Candidate provides an answer with incorrect information

HYRGPT evaluates candidate responses based on the information provided. If a candidate provides incorrect information, the system will consider it during the evaluation process. HYRGPT system is not designed to respond back to the candidate with accuracy or sufficiency of the answers. Additionally, recruiters can review the answers from the conversation logs and reconsider evaluation decisions based on the overall interview performance, wherever needed.

Candidate asks a question instead of providing an answer

HYRGPT can handle candidate questions. If a candidate asks a question instead of providing an answer, the system will provide a response or clarification based on the available information. However, it's important to note that HYRGPT's primary purpose is to conduct the interview rather than engage in extended conversations.

Candidate goes off-topic in their response

HYRGPT is trained to identify and understand the context of candidate responses. If a candidate goes off-topic, the system will gently guide them back to the relevant question or topic, ensuring a focused interview process. Repeated deviation from the topic may lead to their interview being concluded by the system.

Candidate replies with a single word or incomplete sentence

HYRGPT can handle various response formats. If a candidate replies with a single word or incomplete sentence, the system will adapt and ask follow-up questions to gather more information and encourage a detailed response. Short or incomplete or irrelevant responses will negatively impact their assessment score.

Candidate provides an irrelevant answer

HYRGPT is equipped with advanced natural language processing capabilities to understand and evaluate candidate responses. If a candidate provides an irrelevant answer, the system will recognize it and proceed with the next question, ensuring that the interview stays on track. A wrong answer will negatively impact their assessment score. HYRGPT is designed to prompt candidates for more clarity if their answers are vague or unclear. The system will ask follow-up questions or seek additional examples to help candidates provide more detailed and specific responses.


How does HRGPT monitor and prevent candidates from collaborating with others or receiving answers from external sources?

As of now, HRGPT's chat-based interviews rely on the candidate's individual responses. While our current scope may not offer direct monitoring or prevention of collaboration or external assistance, we are dedicated to enhancing our platform. The future release of audio and video-based interviews will enable improved monitoring measures, making it easier to detect collaboration attempts and ensure a more secure and reliable interview process.

What steps does HRGPT take to ensure that candidates do not cheat by accessing prohibited materials or websites during the interview?

While HRGPT's current scope may have limitations in directly preventing candidates from accessing prohibited materials or websites during chat-based interviews, we have exciting plans on the horizon. Our upcoming audio and video-based interviews will incorporate robust features to mitigate such concerns, including advanced monitoring capabilities and safeguards to ensure a fair and controlled interview environment.

Can HRGPT detect if a candidate is using pre-prepared answers or scripts during the interview?

As of now, HRGPT's chat-based interviews primarily rely on the candidate's real-time responses. The system dynamically asks the next question based on the skills and experience mentioned in the resume, job requirement, and response to the previous answers. It’s likely to be difficult for candidates to predict the next question and keep pre-prepared scripts for all questions asked during the interview.

What measures does HRGPT have in place to prevent candidates from receiving help from others during the interview process?

In the current phase, we focus on providing a seamless chat-based interview experience. Although HRGPT may not have explicit measures to prevent external assistance during the interview, we are actively working on incorporating advanced technologies and features in future releases. Our upcoming audio and video-based interview capabilities will enable better monitoring and deter candidates from receiving unauthorized help.

How can HRGPT ensure that candidates are not using external resources or assistance during the interview?

While our current chat-based interviews have limitations in terms of identity verification and detecting multiple screens, we are thrilled to share that we have exciting features in the pipeline. In the upcoming phases, HRGPT will introduce audio and video-based interviews, which will provide enhanced measures to ensure candidate integrity and minimize the possibility of external assistance.

Candidate requests additional time to think or research

HYRGPT allows candidates to take their time when responding to questions. If a candidate requests additional time to think or research, the system will patiently wait for their response. Candidates can utilize the necessary time to provide thoughtful answers.

Candidate takes an unusually long time to reply

HYRGPT is designed to be patient and flexible and will wait for candidate responses. However, if there is no response for more than [60] seconds, the system will prompt the candidate or move on to the next question as designed by the administrator.


What kind of support or assistance is provided during the subscription period?

As an HYRGPT subscriber, you will have access to our dedicated customer support team. They are available to assist you with any queries, technical issues, or guidance you may need during your subscription period. Just raise a support ticket and we will assist you promptly.

What are the subscription charges for using HYRGPT?

As HYRGPT is currently in beta, we are offering special launch prices for our subscription plans. To know the exact charges and pricing details, please visit our website or contact our sales team for personalised assistance.

How do I access HYRGPT's services and platform?

To access HYRGPT's services and platform, simply visit our website and sign up for a beta trial. Once registered, you will receive login credentials to explore and utilise the features of our cutting-edge platform.

Can I try HYRGPT before buying a subscription?

Yes, you can! Your first job post is free. HYRGPT offers a beta version for interested users to try out our services before subscribing. Get a firsthand experience of our innovative talent acquisition generative AI platform.

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