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Building Dream Team, Powered by HYRGPT!

Automate repetitive tasks with AI Interview. Give your recruiters more bandwidth to focus on relationship building and personalizing candidate experience.

Automated Resume

Leverage advanced semantic search and AI Resume Parser to identify ideal candidates within seconds of their application.



Generate adaptive interview questions to conduct personalized and proctored virtual interviews tailored to your hiring needs.



Using AI recruitment tool, effortlessly reach out to thousands of candidates within seconds with timely and consistent communication.


Match making

Interview intelligence platform provides individual summaries and competitive rankings for precise matching and data-led hiring


Learn What Our Clients Are Saying.

HYRGPT leverages the power of AI Voice Interviews to help recruiters save their valuable time through Live Interview Platform enabling Efficient Filtration of irrelevant profiles and Effective Selection of dream talent.

"HYRGPT helps us save a lot of time , it helps us customize a lot of inputs that we want to feed it into the system and we have started to see our stakeholders are also started to adopting it. I think the future of AI and HR tech is still to be unfolded but I am so glad that we have started out journey with HYRGPT.”


"HYRGPT has revolutionized our interview process. Its advanced assessment capabilities can identify ideal candidates, saving valuable time. The detailed evaluation reports are reliable and tailored, ensuring a personalized approach to questioning based on individual responses. Recommend it for entry and mid-level roles."


"We have been using HYRGPT for shortlisting applicants and we are saving up to 40% screening time, the AI algorithm is one of the best in the industry. Our interview : hire ratio has gone up from 10:1 to 5:1."


"We have been associated with HYRGPT for last 3 months. With exceptional Customer success Management and a unique platform, which helps recruiters and platforms like us to increase engagement and also give our users a good outlook on how they can improve on their interview preparation."


Here are the top qualities of HYRGPT and why we deployed it. The ability of the application to screen multiple candidates in a short period. It is essentially saving the cost to hire more resources who would be interviewing candidates manually. The ability of the engine to technically screen candidates. This saves the time and money to hire high cost resources


It increases your hiring sped and analysis of all the candidate. Customisation of questions and training of AI possible. Very smooth UI for starting and setting up questions for a virtual interview. Support team is available in the setup journey and they are open to new suggestions. We use this platform every month.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition, Always!

In the fast-moving job market, HYRGPT AI Recruitment Tool helps you interview yourideal candidates within 15 minutes, ensuring they join you, not your competition.


Scan & analyse thousands of resumes
within seconds



Make data led decisions to identify best fits through virtual interviews



Achieve 3X more outcome with the enhanced recruiter productivity


Tech Geeks or Sales Ninja? Covered!

AI models of Automated Interview Software of HYRGPT are meticulously trained on a diverse range of industry-specific data, making them ideal for Talent Acquisition in both Tech and Non-Tech roles



Recruiter at HYRGPT

Phone Camera

Write a Message

Camera Microphone

Conduct interviews with expert grace,
Adaptive questions set the pace,
Tailored insights, clear and bright,
Finding the perfect fit feels just right.

Making Headlines in Talent Acquisition


HYRGPT is now part of Coveted Finnovate Accelerator of SPJIMR

Meet FinNovate Accelerator’s first cohort of 12 exceptional start-ups selected for their unique potential...


HYRGPT is part of top 10 AI Start-ups of JioGenNext 2024

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Generative AI potential unlocked using HYRGPT Interview Tool

Enterprises can identify use cases and opportunities to move quickly on generative AI adoption. Everest Group is helping...

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HYRGPT Joins tech leaders from APAC and Japan for AWS Spotlight Program

Fast-track your Generative AI startup in just 4 weeks. The AWS Generative AI Spotlight program is for pre-seed and seed-stage...


NVIDIA Inception Program selects Gen-AI stratup HYRGPT

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Generative AI-based software HYRGPT eliminates first 2 steps of hiring

As ChatGPT continues on its disruptive path across sectors, generative AI has now entered the HR or human resources...


10 Generative AI Startups that Made it to JioGenNext Cohort

The cohort consists of ten dynamic startups spanning diverse sectors such as healthcare, banking, legal services, entertainment, and agriculture.


100X.VC Invests $2.3M in 15 Startups in its 10th Cohort

Mumbai-based venture capital firm, 100X.VC, has injected $2.3 million into 15 startups forming part of its 10th class.


Ten Of The Best Innovative AI Startups Selected For JioNextGen Cohort

Ten dynamic companies from various industries, including finance, healthcare, legal services, entertainment, and agriculture, make up the cohort.


AI Voice Interview Platform HYRGPT eliminates first 2 steps of Hiring

The Bengaluru-based candidate and employee engagement platform, Personifwy, has developed HYRGPT, a generative AI-based recruitment co-pilot designed to streamline the hiring process.